D.O. Letters

Title Date of Issue
Retirement Order of Smaya Singh Assistant ESI Dispensary, Ambala Cantt 30-10-2017
Retirement Order of Vipin Lata Malik Nurshing Sister, ESI Hospital Sec-8, Faridabad 30-10-2017
Promotion Orders 27-10-2017
Transfer orders of Parveen Kumar 27-09-2017
Permoted to Nursing Staff 28-09-2017
Detail of ESI Dispensaries and ESI Hospitals in the State (September 2017) 15-09-2017
Sr A.O. Rampal Singh 18-09-2017
Tentative Gradation List of Pharmacist of Sub Offices as stood on 01.07.2016 26-08-2017
Cancellation order of Gulshan Kumar 04-08-2017
Tie Up private hospitals for secondarycare treatment 31-07-2017
Deputation order of Ajmer Singh Pharmacist 28-07-2017
Sajjan Singh Sr A.O. Contact Number 24-07-2017
Cancellation order of Rajkumar Pharmacist 14-07-2017
Tentative Gradation List of M.P.H.S. (F) of Sub Offices as stood on 01.01.2017 30-03-2017
Gradation List of Clerical Staff at Field Level 02-03-2017
Transferred order of Smt. ChanderKala, MPHS(F) 15-02-2017
Transferred order of Sh. Charan Singh, Clerk(F) 15-02-2017
Dr. Bhupender Singh, ASPIO-cum-Medical Inspector, designated as SPIO 09-02-2017
Deputation order of Smt. Sonu Rani, Radiographer 27-01-2017
Deputation order of Sh. Deepak Tripathi, Pharmacist 25-01-2017
Transfer order of Sh. Vijay 16-12-2016
Promotion order of Smt. Meena 08-12-2016
Tie up Private Hospital 07-11-2016
Transfter orders of Mamta Clerk 05-10-2016
Office Order for Smt. Neeru Gupta, Pharmacist, ESI Dispensary, Pinjore 30-09-2016
Transfter orders of Class-IV 12-08-2016
Deputated list of employees at ESIC Medical College-cum-Hospital, NH-3 Faridabad 31-07-2015
Seniority list of Dental Surgeons of ESI Healthcare Department, Chandigarh as stood on 02-07-2015 14-07-2015
Office Order regarding Contractual Outsourcing Policy 09-06-2015
Office Order regarding All the Paramedical Staff of Deparment will display his name and designation plate while on duty 09-06-2015
Suspension Order of Sh. Arun Kumar ESI Disp No. 1 Jagadhri 28-02-2014
Joining of Dr. Jyoti Sharma as Medical Inspector, in Faridabad 26-02-2014
Transferred Order to Dr.Sunita Mehla M.O. Dispensary, Binola to ESI Dispensary Gurgaon 26-02-2014
Case FIR No. 533 dated 24.10.2010 Vs. 420/467/468/471/406/ 409/120 BIPC P.S. City Jagadhri 21-02-2014
Child Care Leave is sanctioned to Dr. Harvinder Kaur, M.O. Disp No. 1 Gurgaon 20-02-2014
End of the Contract of Contractual Specialist with performa 20-02-2014
Non Payment HRA of my Son-Dr. Om Parkash Dagar 20-02-2014
Grant fix Additonal Increment ofFirst entry in service-Dr. Sumit Kalshi, Medical Officer, ESI Hospital, Sec-8, Faridabad 20-02-2014
Maternity Leave of Smt Pooja Pharmacist ESI, Rai 18-02-2014
Court Case Sh. Bhajaj Lal Operator, ESI, Jagadhri 18-02-2014
End of the Contract of Contractual Specialist and Joining for new Specialist Letter to YNR and Bhiwani 18-02-2014